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Keynotes, Conference Breakout Sessions for Parents, Teachers and Adults Working with People in All Settings

All titles adaptable and customizable for your conference and audience

It Takes Courage to Build Character!

​Taming Technology at Home

Give Others the Example They Deserve and Give Them the Future!

Raise Kids Who Cope & Thrive in the Real World

Great--NOW what do I do? Saying YES! To tantrums & emotional explosions

Core Beliefs About School Discipline, Behavior, and Culture

Please, Love Me Enough to Set Limits!!

Empathy, Empathy, Empathy...Especially When It Doesn't Feel Natural

Learning to say YES! to difficult behaviors and emotions

Simple Mindful Practices for Calmer Adults, Calmer Children

Love and Logic Adults Supporting Youth with Challenging Pasts™ 

Trauma-Informed Workshops/Series

Full Curriculum:

6 sessions

Attachment Relationships are the Foundation  Explore how adults can provide three foundational things to kids who have experienced trauma, loss or other types of pain. Discover how nurturing relationships, healthy expectations in the form of limits, and creating success opportunities to build self-esteem and resilience. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179513

Dealing with Defiance and Other Difficult Behavior  Explore strategies for handling defiance and other difficult behaviors. Investigate how our most powerful and loving response to challenging behaviors is buying ourselves some time to think and put a plan together. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179530

Nothing Works Without Sincere Empathy  Gain insight into the essential practice of empathy--especially when it doesn't feel natural. Examine the difference between empathy and sympathy and the specific effects trauma and challenging pasts have on young brains. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179574


Setting Limits While Minimizing Power Struggles  Examine how to set limits in ways that build trust and security. Explore why youth who have been hurt have so many issues with control and how to help. Gain tips and skills for taking good care of ourselves by establishing boundaries. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179580


Supporting Learning and Achievement at School  Explore the roots of achievement in and outside school settings. Examine how trauma affects achievement motivation and why punishment and rewards often make the problem worse. Learn that basic emotional needs are the only lasting strategy for kids who have faced trauma. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179582


Empowering Them Toward Success in Life  Explore how to help children find their inner strength and problem solver by guiding youth to solve life's problems, big and small. Gain insight and tips for growing self-esteem through contribution and a focus on children's strengths. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #179633

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™


Full Curriculum:

5 sessions

Handling Misbehavior Without Breaking a Sweat  Explore how adults put an end to childhood whining and arguing in very caring ways. Examine empathy as the key to successful, healthy relationships between adults and their children. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #144601


Teaching Kids to Listen the First Time  Investigate how to effectively teach children to listen without lecture, threats, bribes or coercion. Summarize how warnings are a detriment to kids and their overall development.  Learn how to "mean business" without being mean! Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #134974


Avoiding Power Struggles  Discover the art and science of control - Love and Logic's approach teaches that adults can actually gain more control by sharing it in healthy ways with children. Enhance caring and nurturing relationships with children as the foundation for kids learning responsibility and resilience. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #134975


Limits Create Happier Kids, Happier Parents, and Happier Families Learn techniques for gaining kid's cooperation without battles over clean-up, eating, etc. Explore that all humans have control needs.  Give and gain that control in really healthy, caring ways. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #134973


What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless  Learn what to do when kids leave you thinking, "What do I do now?" Find out why it's often okay to buy some time by briefly delaying consequences, how to respond when kids drain your energy, and how to look start looking forward to your kids acting up! 2 hr. workshop

Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

[all ages]

Full Curriculum:

6 sessions

Putting an End to Arguing, Backtalk, and Begging  This training focuses on the foundation of healthy, respectful relationships between adults and children. Learning to put an end to hassles and arguments is the key to reasonable, healthy limits. By treating our kids with respect, we teach them respect and up their long-term odds for success in life! Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #176971


Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love  This training provides ways for caring adults to help kids learn from their mistakes rather than repeat them. Additionally, by providing really firm, loving limits we can hold kids to high expectations. Working with kids in this way develops causal thinking and allows kids to learn from their mistakes without seeing the adult as the source of the problem. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #177001


Avoiding Power Struggles  This training provides proven tips and techniques for avoiding power struggles AND ways to exercise really healthy control in work with children. We will also look into the basis for respect and how we can grow kids who resist peer pressure and temptation through self-control. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #177082


Setting Limits Without Waging War  This training provides the secret to actually setting limits with human beings. We will look at how to get kids to listen without 1,000 warnings or bribes. Allowing children autonomy and control is crucially important for their development--if we can use Love and Logic skills, it becomes a win-win for child and adult! Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #177020


Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems  This training will teach how to guide children toward owning and solving their problems. Self-esteem and personal responsibility are key for children’s success in the real world--Love and Logic skills up the odds that we raise kids who can cope. These techniques will teach kids to think critically in the face of teasing, bullying, and other tough situations. Develop-Approved 2 hr. Course #159416


Teaching Kids to Complete Chores...Without Reminders or Pay  Contributions to the family are the foundation of kids doing things to feel good about themselves…and the trash gets taken out! 2 hr. workshop

9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom®

[all school settings]

Full Curriculum:

9 sessions

Neutralizing Student Arguing  Learn to set really firm limits and be really loving at the same time. 2 hr. workshop


Delayed Consequences  Explore why it's okay to delay consequences.  Learn how to get the benefits of delayed consequences and immediate consequences all in one technique.  Lower your stress level. 2 hr. workshop


Empathy  Discover how empathy helps students spend more time thinking than fighting.  Learn to use empathy when you feel angry or frustrated. Create a calmer classroom and school. 2 hr. workshop


The Recovery Process  Preserve the learning environment when nothing seems to be working with a student.  Investigate why some students need brief periods away from classmates to recover. Learn to discipline without being punitive. 2 hr. workshop


Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships  Investigate how tough kids cannot be coerced or bribed into learning or behaving.  Build positive relationships as the only thing that works with humans in the long-term.  Create solid relationships based in respect and individuality. 2 hr. workshop


Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements  Set limits while minimizing power struggles. Enforce limits consistently without anger and upset.  Take really good care of yourself. 2 hr. workshop


Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles  Share control to gain more control.  Learn to make deposits into kids' control accounts in the form of small choices.  Gain more cooperation from resistant students. 2 hr. workshop


Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions  Prevent problems without taking time away from teaching.  Employ preventative interventions vs. when to apply logical consequences.  Engage students with more content without feeling frazzled. 2 hr. workshop


Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Problems  Avoid getting sucked into problems that should be solved by students.  Utilize five steps for helping students own and solve problems. Create a classroom and school where students think harder about discipline than adults. 2 hr. workshop

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