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Meet Andy

Teacher, trainer, and father.

Adults in all settings need skills that give all kids their very best shot in the real world.  It's safe to say that when it comes to raising kids, we can all use more hope and courage to raise kids to meet the realities of the world we live in today.  After teaching, training, and working with families for more than two decades Andy firmly believes that there is an abundance of hope to raise kids who show up for themselves wherever their lives lead them!


We have the chance to help raise kids who contribute, create fulfillment and thrive in the real world. All kids need limits because they're human beings.  Healthy relationship is always about limits and boundaries, whether one is dealing with children or adults. Healthy adults give kids the greatest gift possible--the gift of example through loving limits. Our kids need us to be warriors, not worriers! To achieve this it is important to see what is really going on AND to find skillful ways to interact with the reality in front of us. 


So simple.  So profoundly challenging!

Andy graduated St. Olaf College with a highly marketable degree in East Asian History.  After serving in the United States Peace Corps, Andy earned his teaching license and Masters in curriculum and instruction from the University of Minnesota.  For the past 22 years, he has taught in vibrant and diverse public middle school and high schools.  Andy is a Master level trainer with Achieve, the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.  Andy trains and speaks throughout the Midwest region with a broad range of audiences from early child, treatment centers, and school staffs.

Andy gets to share this life with a wife, The Beautiful Jessica, and their three gloriously human children, Henry, Penelope, and Olive. He is undeservedly blessed.  

Our kids don't need us to be heroes--they need loving limits that are heroically consistent!

Andy Johnsrud

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A Parent & Human Resource Professional's Experience...

Andy’s passion and understanding of Love and Logic come through in private consultation as well as courses. As important, Andy has a clear passion and understanding of parenting! It’s so nice that he can relate and he provides real examples.

A Special Education Early Interventions Workshop Organizer's Experience...

energy and enthusiasm was contagious, especially with such a diverse audience of parents, child care providers, health and human service professionals and other early childhood educators.

An Elementary Principal's Year-Long PLC Experience...

The work Andy did with our staff filled a need in order to best help our students develop skills to respond to expectations.  It also provided our staff with an alternative approach to classroom management. We appreciated Andy’s willingness to share ideas on how to handle situations with the understanding that it’s not a one size fits all approach.  We found practical value in what Andy was able to share with us. Andy does a great job making a real connection to what challenges we face each and every day.

A Teacher & Parent's Experience...

I attended a seminar that was meant to focus on classroom behavior management--and ended up applying the strategies to my own children all day! It was the beginning of an important journey for me, and I can't thank Andy enough for helping me along the way. I am not a perfect parent, but I feel empowered and much less overwhelmed. I have since attended many other parenting and Love and Logic seminars--none of them come close to being as authentic, funny, and tangibly useful. I have children ranging from age 2 to 18, and still use strategies I learned every day, with every child. I wholeheartedly recommend this essential addition to your parenting bag of tricks

A Parent & Healthcare Professional's Experience...

Working with Andy and learning new skills regarding parenting has been so helpful. Having the opportunity to discuss situations, being on the same page and having a set plan to deal with behavioral issues has been so valuable. I highly recommend Warriors of the Open Heart Consulting to build your parenting toolkit! Andy is an amazing instructor with lots of personal experience. Definitely a MUST for parents of kids of all ages.

A Charter School Lead Teacher's Experience...

staff felt confident about addressing behavior…[s]tudents understood they would be held accountable but also knew that we cared.

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