Hoodwinked? Self Esteem Results from Actions!

Especially if you work with or have kids of any age, consider giving this a read. It runs contrary to a lot of what we do in schools across all age groups.  

Maybe if I can open myself to question important aspects of what we are told is our primary function as big loving adults in places like school, maybe I will be open to really giving kids what they need. 

"Among the most egregious errors they discovered were those in the papers that focused on academic performance. A correlation had been repeatedly found between high self-esteem and good grades. So, the logic went, if you boosted self-esteem you’d also boost grades. But the authors had made one of the most elementary mistakes in science. “When they tracked people over time,” says Baumeister, “the grades came first, and then the self-esteem. High self-esteem was a result of good grades, not a cause.”

Baumeister realized that efforts to boost self-esteem hadn’t improved school performance. Nor did self-esteem help in the successful performance of various tasks. It didn’t make people more likeable in the long term, or increase the quality or duration of their relationships. It didn’t prevent children smoking, taking drugs, or engaging in “early sex.” His report made the claims of the self-esteem movement look like those of a street-corner wizard."