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Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! Avoiding Power Struggles

  • Perspectives Therapy Center 300 3rd Avenue Southeast Rochester, MN, 55904 United States (map)

03 May | Avoiding Power Struggles This class focuses on the art and science of control - Love and Logic's approach teaches that adults can actually gain more control by sharing it in healthy ways with children. The central importance of caring and nurturing relationships with children will be presented as the foundation of responsibility for kids.

10 May | Limits Create Happier Kids, Happier Parents, and Happier Families In this class we will look at techniques for gaining kid's cooperation without battles over clean-up, eating, brushing teeth, and similar issues. We will look at the fact that all humans have control needs -- we will learn how to give that control in really healthy, caring ways.

17 May | What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless This session teaches what to do when kids leave you thinking, "What do I do now?" We will find out why it's often okay to buy yourself some time by briefly delaying consequences, how to respond when kids drain your energy, and how to look start looking forward to your kids acting up!