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Zumbro Lutheran Parenting the Love and Logic Way

These practical parenting workshops are designed by the experts at the Love and Logic Institute for parents with kids of all ages.

We will laugh and giggle our way to skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful, and positive about raising children. We will discover how parenting can and should be enjoyable…and how to teach personal responsibility and respect without losing our children’s love.

You are encouraged to attend all three classes to get the most laughs & skills for working with your children!

Sun 05 Mar           Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging Learning to put an end to hassles and arguments is the key to reasonable, healthy limits.

Wed 08 Mar         Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love By providing really firm, loving limits we can hold kids to high expectations.

Sun 12 Mar            Setting Limits Without Waging War   We will look at how to get kids to listen without 9,000 warnings or bribes.

Andy is an independent facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way™